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RuVin VP5938


Dry matter content 98% ÷ 100%
Ash content 10% ÷ 13%
Relative density 0,4 ÷ 0,6kg/dm3
Appearance White powder
Protective colloid Polyvinyl alcohol
Min.temperature of film formation of the redispersed product + 0°C


RuVin VP5938 is a triple copolymer of vinyl and acrylic esters stabilized with polyvinyl alcohol. It can be easily redispersed in water. It can be used to prepare repeated dispersion of medium and high viscosity with high resistance to alkaline environment.
RuVin VP5938, mixed with cement, sand and various special additives, is used for the preparation of mortars, which, in addition to high binding ability, also require a large thickness when applied to a vertical surface. RuVin VP5938 has excellent thixotropic properties.Mortars based on RuVin VP5938, used for gluing tiles, have a very low fluidity. Due to its good water resistance, RuVin VP5938 can also be used for applying thin layers. After the solution dries, it remains sufficiently elastic, and the surfaces on which it is applied have a sufficient margin for deformation.
Due to its stability, RuVin VP5938 gives building mixtures good resistance to freezing and thawing cycles.


RuVin VP5938 is used for the manufacture of mortars, which must have good resistance to bending, to deformation, and must be flexible and thixotropic.
Main scopes:
-Adhesives for polystyrene panels (thermal insulation)
-Mortars for application on vertical surfaces and for thick layers
-Tile Adhesives

Paint solutions


RuVin VP5938 comes in 25 kg paper bags and 500 kg big bags.


RuVin VP5938 must be stored in a cool, dry place. Do not stack pallets on top of each other due to the thermoplasticity of the polymer. After use, the packaging must be well closed to prevent moisture from entering the product from the atmosphere. It can lead to lumps.