Manufacture of paper bags, dispersions and redispersible powders

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RuVin VP4938


Dry matter content 98% ÷ 100%
Ash content 8% ÷ 12%
Relative density 0,45 ÷ 0,55kg/dm3
Appearance White powder
Protective colloid Polyvinyl alcohol
Min.temperature of film formation of the redispersed product + 5°C


RuVin VP4938, mixed with cement, sand and various special additives, including casein, is used for the preparation of mortars with high binding ability and slight shrinkage. RuVin VP4938 is most often used as a self-leveling for floors where it is necessary to increase bending resistance (bending strength). This ensures the movement and adhesion of the lower and upper layers without cracking. RuVin VP4938 provides low shrinkage when starting the hardening process. Thus, the cracking of mortars is reduced.
RuVinVP4938 gives mortars good abrasion resistance.


Mixtures for bulk floors
Add from 1% to 5% RuVin VP4938 to the other components in powder form, add the required amount of water. Control the temperature. It should not be too high so that grains do not form. After a few minutes, start mixing to complete the process of dispersing and removing the foam.


RuVinVP4938 comes in 25 kg paper bags and 500 kg big bags.


RuVin VP4938 must be stored in a cool, dry place. Do not stack pallets on top of each other due to the thermoplasticity of the polymer. After use, the packaging must be well closed to prevent moisture from entering the product from the atmosphere. It can lead to lumps.