Manufacture of paper bags, dispersions and redispersible powders

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Solid content 98% ÷ 100%
Ash Content 8% ÷ 12%
Specific gravity 0,45 ÷ 0,55 kg/dm3
Appearance White powder
Protective colloid Polyvinyl Alcohol
Redispersed product minimum film forming temperature + 5°C



RUVIL VP4938, mixed with cement, sand and various specific additives, casein, included, is used to obtain mortars with high bonding power and good capacity of slump. RUVIL VP4938 is in fact particularly used as self-levelling to floors where is necessary to increase the bending resistance in order to allow the movements and adhesion of lower and upper layers without cracking. RUVIL VP4938 allows a low shrinkage when motor starts the drying process in order to lower the tendency of cracking to the mortar.

RUVIL VP4938 gives to the mortar a good resistance to the abrasion.



Floor self-levelling compounds

Add RUVIL VP4938, from 1% to 5%, to the other components in powder and add the necessary quantity of water taking care about the temperature which should not be high in order to avoid grits formation. After few minutes, start stirring in order to complete the dispersion and eliminate the foam as well          



RUVIL VP4938 is delivered in paper bags of 25 kg and big bags of 500 kg.



RUVIL VP4938 must be stored in a dry and cool warehouse. Pallets must not be overlapped due do the thermoplasticity of the polymer.

Packing must be well closed after use, in order to avoid the atmospheric humidity which may cause the caking of the redispersible powder.