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RuVil VL9038


Solid content 53% ÷ 55%
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,06 kg/dm3
BRF viscosity at 20°C 1.000 ÷ 3.000 mPa.s
pH 4 ÷ 6
Particle size 0,6 microns
Type of dispersion anionic – non ionic
Minimum film forming temperature + 5°C
Glass transition temperature (Tg) +10°C
Mechanical stability excellent
Compatibility to mineral charges excellent
Resistance to light excellent



RUVIL VL9038 is formulated to be suitable for lime renders and lime paint preparation.



RUVIL VL9038 is a water based polymer that (at temperature over the MFFT) forms a soft film with very low tack. It is not necessary to add any coalescent agent for the film formation being the polymer formulated to film at low temperature. In winter time a very low quantity of coalescent can be added to obtain a perfect film formation.

RUVIL VL9038 is used for production of lime based paints due to its high resistance to hydrolysis which is due to the high basicity of lime. Because of the degradation of the polymeric dispersion, there are no change in the colour of paint as usually may happens with the normal binders. Because of its special formulation, RUVIL VL9038 has an excellent resistance to polyvalent ions and consequently to the calcium ion.

RUVIL VL9038 can also be used to modify the renders based on cement or lime whereas flexibility property is particularly requested together with resistance to water.

RUVIL VL9038 is used in one component systems based on lime for end decorative finishing as well as in two components on cement base.

RUVIL VL9038 has an excellent workability and adhesion on all substances.



RUVIL VL9038 is supplied in drums of 125 kg, 1 ton IBC’s and in bulk.



RUVIL VL9038 stored at a temperature between +5°C and +40°C in its original well closed packing, maintains its properties for a period of 6 months about. PRFV and stainless steel are suitable materials for storage tanks.