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RuVil VF63


Solid content 54% ÷ 56%
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,10 about
Viscosity at 20°C 2.000 ÷ 6.000 mPa.s
pH 4 ÷ 6
Plasticizer 9%
Particles size 0,2 ÷ 1 microns
Protective Colloid Cellulose derivative
Electrical charge Anionic
Free monomer 1% max
Minimum Film forming temperature 0 ÷ 2°C



RUVIL VF63 is suggested for the preparation of latex-paints.

It is advisable to add a percentage ranging from 5 to 20% of RUVIL VF63 washability of the latex paints on the total quantity of the paint. The higher is the RUVIL VF63 percentage, the higher is the washability of the latex paints.

RUVIL VF63 is an anionic dispersion and cationic additives cannot be used.

RUVIL VF63 based latex paints gives the following advantages: wide interval of pH stability, excellent mileage, strong adhesion, good washability and abrasion resistance.

The product must be stored in tightly closed containers at a temperature of at least + 10°C