Manufacture of paper bags, dispersions and redispersible powders

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RuVil V213


Solid content 53,5% ÷ 55,5%
Specific gravity at 20°C 1,07 kg/dm3
BRF viscosity at 20°C 1.500 ÷ 3.500 mPa.s
pH 4 ÷ 6
Particle size 0,3 microns about
Type of dispersion anionic – non ionic
Minimum film forming temperature + 9°C
Glass transition temperature (Tg) +24°C
Mechanical stability excellent
Compatibility to mineral charges excellent
Resistance to light excellent



RUVIL 213 is characterized by a high molecular weight and it is modified to improve the resistance to wet abrasion.



Because of its high molecular weight and its polymer nature,  RUVIL 213 is used for the production of paint having excellent resistance to wet abrasion and high PVC (Pigment Volume Concentration).

RUVIL 213 gives a very good compatibility with most of rheological modifiers, either on cellulose base and acrylic or of other nature.

The minimum film forming temperature of +9°C is due to the chemical composition only without any addition of coalescent.

RUVIL 213 is free from added formaldehyde or other products such as redox.



RUVIL 213 is supplied in drums of 125 kgs, 1 ton IBC’s and in bulk.



RUVIL 213 stored at a temperature between +5°C and +40°C in its original well closed packing, maintains its properties for a period of 6 months about. PRFV and stainless steel are suitable materials for storage tanks.